It’s a very small idea but can go a long way towards building trust with your visitors.

Let’s look into this trend and see how you could apply this to your own projects.

Add Brands That Everyone Knows

First and foremost, you need brands that people trust. That’s the whole idea behind social proof.

You want to add logos onto your page that people recognize and will say “if they use this website then it MUST be good”.

How many of those companies do you recognize? You may not personally use any of them but I’d argue that you know at least a couple.

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The value of a well-known logo is that it grabs attention. If you claim to have customers from big brands like Walmart that’s even better than smaller tech companies.

Just make sure your claims are truthful and not made-up. That can get you into some trouble.

If you scroll down you’ll see they don’t promote companies that have used the site. Instead they mention instructors/teachers who have worked with larger companies.

Those companies include game studios like Blizzard, or animation studios like Warner Bros.

With these kinds of brands visitors will be pre-sold on the idea of learning art from a Blizzard concept artist. And that’s exactly the kind of social proof you want.

Make Them Clear Yet Unobtrusive

When you’re adding these logos onto your page you certainly want people to see them.

You’ll notice the logos are pretty small but still definitely recognizable. Hewlett-Packard and Harvard University are two notable examples.

If you want something a little larger you can design a full horizontal section of the page just for logos.

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