Why your WordPress Site Could Get Hacked – and How to Avoid it.

WordPress powers more than one-third of the websites on the internet. And this is why it is easy pickings for hackers; since WordPress sites are more, the hacking will also be in proportion with it. There are some serious consequences of disregarding an attack. These are the repercussions that your business might face if your

Top Web Design and UI trends to Look Out For in 2021

We have seen some major strides in web designs in the last few years, be it the innovations or the accessibility that the pages offered. There are some trends that are already popular in 2020 and may continue to be so in the coming years as well. Here is a comprehensive list of web design

Reasons Why Your Business Still Needs SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is rapidly changing and competition is becoming more fierce. Sometimes back, there was a rumor that SEO is dead. In fact, SEO is not dead, it is just changing. Almost all brands and businesses are changing the way they market their businesses online. This blog discusses why your business still needs

How Crucial Is Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Today, almost all businesses are utilizing digital marketing to create brand awareness, impact, and drive customers. It is not only the big businesses and brands that can benefit from online marketing but also the small businesses can benefit immensely from digital marketing.  Even though there are small businesses that are active in digital marketing, some

Web Design and UI Trends

User Interface Design is of great importance while designing web pages. Making a website user friendly means the interface has to be attractive, simple and easy to use. Every website is designed keeping in mind with the fundamental principle that users have to say wow while seeing the design. Here are some few simple tips