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10 Reasons Why is it Important to Redesign Your Website?

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What is Website Redesign and How Does it Benefit Your Business?

Website redesign is the process of revamping an existing website to make it more aesthetically appealing, user-friendly and optimised for search engines. This involves making changes to the website’s layout, design, content and functionality. You can improve the performance and increase its visibility in search engine results by redesigning the website. A website redesign can also help in creating an enhanced user experience, making it easier for the users to search for what they are looking for on the website. A well-redesigned website can create an exceptional online presence that can help businesses reach new customers and drive more sales.


The Benefits of Redesigning a Website

Website redesign is a great way to refresh a business’s online presence and provide its customers with a unique user experience it can help to stand out from the market and ensure the website is up to date with the latest design trends by providing improved navigation to enhanced visual aesthetics.

There are more benefits to enjoying a web redesign, such as improved SEO rankings, increased conversions, and enhanced customer engagements, it can also create an impactful brand image that attracts new customers and keeps the existing users consistent.


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What are the Reasons for a Website Redesign

Your website is old: To maintain good web hygiene redesigning a website every 2-3 years is recommended as the technology and design trends are changing frequently. Do you recall when was the last time you redesigned your website? Although smartphones have been around us for many years now, only a handful of businesses have focused on their mobile presence.

If you cannot recall the last time your website got a revamp, then it’s the right time to give your business website a brush-up.

The website functionality does not meet business needs: Eventually, growth is the natural process of every business. When a website is the online face of a business, then the growth in the business should change the website too. In many cases, the mere problem for the failure of a business’s online presence is that its website cannot adapt to the growth of its demands.

Your product range doesn’t meet reality: It’s normal to add a new product range and this change has to be reflected in the website, a lack of information will outdate your website. And also a negative image is created around your brand by showcasing products that are out of stock. The business will lose its customers eventually, without the addition of new products. It becomes even worse when the business owner cannot make the needed changes or they don’t have the access needed. So it becomes a mammoth task to keep a positive online presence if their team doesn’t know how to make the needed changes in the website.

The website structure doesn’t meet business growth: A business’s goals change according to time and this change has to be reflected in the business website. Many old websites are created in HTML format, this is where you need to change the code to make any changes. This type of content management is very complicated. If there are any major problems or a website needs a major restructuring then it’s advisable to develop a new website.

Your competitor’s website is prettier than yours: From a business’s online competitive analysis report, if they find out their customers now leaning towards their competitors, then it’s high time for the website revamp. The website should be more functional, improved aesthetically, and easy to use, etc. 70% of most of the purchase decisions are influenced by the business website. When a business website is worse than its competitors, customers will move on.

The content is outdated: If a website shows broken links like 404 error pages, missing images and other elements not working properly, although this issue can be easily fixed it could be a sign of the unorganised and poor management of the website. If any of the issues are shown by a website then it should be considered and the website has to be redesigned or an entirely new website, while doing so make sure to choose a CMS that allows users to update information and add images easily, this ensures the website is up to date.

Target group expectations/needs have changed: If any business witnesses a drop in their website visitors causing high bounce rates, maybe it is because their target audience expectations have changed and their website failed to adapt to the user’s needs. If this is the case then they need to check the web analytics of their website and figure out how the visitors arrive at their website, when and where they leave. It’s a sign of a weak digital marketing or change in customer needs.

No social integration: It’s important to add a business’s social handles in their main marketing channel ie; website, this is the way by which a visitor finds them in the social bubble. Social Media plays an important role in developing customer relations and promoting the brand. It’s also very important to add sharing options to each blog on the website.

Your web design is not mobile-friendly: Nowadays smartphones are in the hands of every person in the world. So it’s natural that they use this handy device to search for everything that they need. In the case of businesses, this increasing smartphone trend will bring more and more visitors to their websites. That’s the reason why all businesses should offer a mobile-friendly version of the same website on a desktop.

Your website is not visible on search: If a business needs to maintain its website at the top of the search results, then it needs to make constant technical adjustments as well as content updates. The technical elements like choosing keywords and optimising pages for relevant keywords. Some well-known CMS platforms allow their users to add the necessary metadata themselves without having them edit the code, if you don’t have one then you would need a little professional help. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc rank websites considering the fresh and relevant content provided on the website. So, it’s really important to update the website content and add new pages independently. The easiest way to keep a website fresh is by adding blogs.


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Here 3 Tips to Optimize Your Website Redesign for Maximum User Experience

Analyze Your Audience & Goals Before You Start Designing: The process of website development  is an important task that needs careful planning and analysis. Before one starts to design a website, it’s most important to analyse the target audience and the business goals. By keenly observing the target audience, understanding what they need and what they expect helps to design a website that meets their expectations. And by analysing the business goals, it will help to achieve those objectives.

Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Design & Responsiveness: The most important factor for any business is to maintain a positive online presence for that, website design is the most essential part. This not only ensures increased customers but also they get a great user experience throughout the website.

Businesses must focus on and prioritise responsive designs and mobile-friendliness while developing a website. This ensures that no matter what devices the visitors use, they will be able to access the website without any issues. Responsiveness enables websites to adapt to the different screen sizes they are viewed in.

Thus by prioritising both mobile-friendliness and responsiveness, businesses can ensure that their visitors get an optimal experience throughout. This will help increase customer satisfaction and engagement thus boosting the sales.

Include Visual Elements in Your Website Redesign: The use of visual elements is important as it will help in creating more engaging user experiences and make it easier for users to understand the content better. It can also help in drawing attention to key points or features and ensuring users find what they are looking for. Visual elements, when used correctly make a website design look more professional and attractive, thus helping to retain visitors and increase conversions.



A website redesign can be a mammoth task. It takes a comprehensive knowledge of the web, a deep understanding of user experience, and the ability to craft a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Also, it’s important to understand the value of website redesign, as it helps create a website that is modern, attractive, and effective. With the right expertise and approach, website redesign can help take a business to the next level.

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